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Gujrat is an ancient district of Pakistan located in between two famous rivers, i.e., River Jehlum and River Chenab . Because of it's proximity with the rivers the land is good for cultivation with rice and sugar cane as main crops.

Gujrat is noted for its furniture, brassware, pottery, and cotton goods. Boots, carpets, and electric fans are also produced. Standing on the site of a fort built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1580, Gujrat was the location of the final battle between the British and the Sikhs in 1849, leading to British annexation of the region. The grave of Shah Daula, a Sufi mystic, is a noted Muslim shrine. The town has two colleges affiliated with Punjab Univ.

The fields of Gujrat produce one of the best rice crop of the world. Thanks to the wonderful canal system, Gujrat is producing sugarcane, wheat, gram and wide range of pulses and vegitables. There also exist big forests on the sarroundings of Gujrat.

Gujrat is also known in the world for its clay with which Gujratis produce quality pottery since ages. Apart from agriculture and clay the city is well known for its furniture manufacturing skills. Gujratis have mastered the skills of conditioning the wood and producing world class furniture having immaculate finish. Over last few decades Gujrat has also attained a name in export of electric fans.

  District Information

It is bounded on the North-East by Jammu and Kashmir, on the North-West by the river Jhelum which separates it from Jhelum district, on the East and South-East by the river Chenab, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Sialkot, and on the West by Mandi Bahauddin district. District Gujrat is spread over an area of 3,192 square kilometres and comprises of the three tehsils of:

  1. Gujrat
  2. Kharian
  3. Sarai Alamgir
  Climate & General Soil Condition
This district has moderate climate, which is hot in summer and cold in winter. During Peak Summer, the day temperature shoots up to 45C, but the hot spells are comparatively shorter due to proximity of Azad Kashmir Mountains. The winter months are very pleasant and the minimum temperature may fall below 2C. The average rain-fall on the Kashmir border is over 100 cm, at Kharian it is 75 cm, at Gujrat 67 cm and at Dinga 50 cm.
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